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The Central Florida Discount Card


Only $30.00

For Life -* Limited Time*

Discount on attractions and more

Opportunity to win monthly

Special Discounts

Special Events

New  Locations Monthly

Good Customer Service

You can buy it anywhere in the world

We send it by mail or we take it to the Hotel


Non-transferable/No Refundable

If the card is used by someone other than the signature, the Local can take possession of it and return to us and will be cancelled.

Report the card if it is stolen, We don’t replace it but you will have the opportunity to buy another and not lose the permanent benefits.

Sign the card as soon as you receive it

Voided if you remove the sticker

Valid only in the associated businesses

Always see the website for any news

If any serious behavior occurs, the card will be cancelled.

We have the right to revoke any sale.

If the card changes status-for life to Annual-you will be honored until the end of the year and you can get a discount on the annual card

The discount card is registered in the state of Florida and is through Florida Discount Group, LLC.

Any questions can be communicated to 407-973-7085 or fill out the form that is on this Web page.

Thank you for your sponsorship

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Florida Discount Group, LLC

46 Bradford Ct

Kissimmee, Florida, 34758

Phone: 407-973 -7085

Email:    info@lafloridacentral.com


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